ELIS Projects

A gallery of research and training projects developed in ELIS - Rome.

Mediateca ELIS - Lezioni di reti di calcolatori del prof. Silvano Gai

The following list of past and recent projects reflects the technology and data of the year they started. Therefore they may have broken links or invalid content. We keep them "as they were" for historical reasons.

Project name Started in
SoNeCS - Social Networking for Catering Schools 2008
DWAAR - Digital Worldwide Access to Ancient Rome 2005
MOWECS - Mobile Wireless Education in a Catering School 2004
HISS - Hospital Information System for Students (in cooperation with UniversitÓ Campus Bio-Medico di Roma) 2003
TCDD - Transnational Curricular Development and Delivery 1998
SMENET - Small and Medium Enterprises learning NETwork 1998
MUSK - MUltimedia for multiSKilling 1998
TILER - Towards an Innovative LEarning Region 1997
TRADES - Trans Regional Access to Distance Education and Support 1997
NL_DISABLED and I_DISABLED - A social enterprise through the Internet 1997
Telework & Cooperative Management 1997
MPP - Multimedia Production Process 1997
Target - Trans-Regional Education and Training using EuroISDN 1996
Safety training through multimedia and telematics tools