Telework & Cooperative Management:

New job opportunities for woman

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Projects overview

The teleworking experimentation project will last 24 months. In addition to the partners, the project will involve training bodies, employers italian associations, equal opportunity committees and trades union organisations active in research into the social organisation of work.

Project aims:

  1. Conduct an analysis of the emerging training needs related to the organisational changes stemming form teleworking. Share the results of the analysis with the management and develop an agreed model.
  2. Build up a "European-scale" map of knowledges and competencies needed by the new form of teleworking.
  3. Give this specific training to a select group of persons.
  4. Verify the result of the training on teleworkers for the most significant emerging profiles.
  5. Transfer the results of the activity.

The transnational partners and other public and private bodies involved, will concentrate on analysing the training needs in a particular market segment and on analysing the organisational structure of selected sample business, schools and enterprises. The objective will be to identify the training needs related to the organisational changes stemming form the introduction of new technologies and the possibility of determining Key positions for teleworkers. Special emphasis will be given to highlighting the changes the introduction of teleworking will bring about in the organisation of work in terms of:

reward system,control system,efficiency and productivity,cost cutting,changes in processes,greater flexibility

This phase will conclude with the development of an analysis model that detects: improvements in productivity, cost reductions, reductions in the hierarchical levels, increases in flexibility This model will be agreed upon and produced following a course with an interdisciplinary group of managers.

It will specify the training objectives needed to achieve the competences related to the new emerging professional figure. It will develop a proposal for a modular training course covering subjects such as:

The operational phase will conclude with a modular course for a group of woman who will be the selected, after analysis and research, from among a sample of woman who are mobile, long-term unemployed or at risk of unemployment, or who are returning to the labour market after a period of inactivity, etc. The result of this training will be define turning and disseminating of the modules for the training of potential female teleworkers.

Evalutation phase and transfer of results It will first seek to obtain official quality certification and approval for the modules and training provided and the competencies acquired. Moreover, the appraisal of the project will also evaluate its capacity to transfer knowledge of advanced technologies in the respective transnational countries involved. Lastly, the transfer of the results will result in the dissemination of a publication.

Main Contractor: Associazione Centro Elis, Roma, Italy

Coordinator: Associazione Centro Elis, Roma, Italy


Spain: Altaviana – Escuela de Hoteleria y Turismo Altaviana, Valencia

Spain: Avame - Asociacion de Mujeres Empresarias de Valladolid, Valladolid

Italy: Cedel - Cooperativa Sociale Educativa Elis Soc. Coop. a r.l, Roma

Portugal Epral - Escola Profissional de Regiao Alentejo, Evora

Unit Kingdom Lakefield - Catering & Educational Center, London

Unit Kingdom Western Connected ltd, L’Derry