Commission of the European Communities
DIRECTORATE-GENERAL XXII - Education, Training and Youth

ID N 96/00894


The development and testing of multimedia methodologies in the delivery of multi-skilling training for process industries

Project Aims Results


To develop open and distance multi media learning materials for competence based training in multi skilling; to test training content using multi media technologies through a transnational partnership; to establish a multi player transnational video conferencing network; to work towards the equalisation and standardisation of qualifications and assessment procedures and a common curriculum framework for multi skilling within the transnational partnership. Production of a CD Database for process operations in English and Greek (partially available on this site English version 2.1 - Greek version 1.1)

Production of a CD Assessing streaming video technology for small and medium enterprises (partially available on this site in English final version with previous work)

Showroom at the International Conference - Exhibition The Information Society and Telematics Applications: an opportuniy also for the Mediterranean Third Countries - "Le Ciminiere" Catania, Italy -  April 16-18, 1999

Distribution of CD's by North Trafford College (ask for a copy

Distribution of CD's by Associazione Centro ELIS (ask for a copy

Poster by Associazione Centro ELIS

Registration of MUSK web site in major search engines and directories.

Joint projects Key Activities
The outcomes from the DGXIII Euro-ISDN TaRgET project on videoconferencing over ISDN have been be fully considered.

In the first phase there has been a close co-operation with the MPP - Multimedia Production Process project. In the second phase an independent approach has been developed, using the outcomes of the first phase.

Promoting access to skills through the information society in the context of lifelong learning. Making the market for vocational education and training work better so that it responds to the changing needs of employers and individuals quickly and cost effectively.


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